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How it Works


The SureClip was

designed to meet the needs of fire departments, industrial rescue teams, linemen, tower rescue, search & rescue, oil field, refineries and production factories to name a few. What ever your rescue needs are, the SureClip can help.

The SureClip is designed to hold a standard “auto locking carabiner” and safety rope or small block & tackle. It is not designed to carry a load, however when attached to a telescoping pole the SureClip will attach a carabiner and safety rope to a safety harness “D” ring or place a small block and tackle into position to allow quick and efficient rescue.



We will start by defining the equipment required to perform the rescue.

The image shown on the left has four pieces of rescue equipment; a telescoping pole, carabiner, rescue rope and a SureClip.



  1. Simply open the auto locking gate on the carabiner and place the rescue rope behind and to the bottom of the gate.
  2. With the gate in the full open position, open the finger of the SureClip by pinching the finger against the main beam.  This will open the jaws of the SureClip and allow you to slide the carabiner down through the jaws.  Continue pushing the carabiner down until it cradles into the spring, apply additional downward pressure until the gate clears the bottom of the jaws.  Once the carabiner gate clears the jaws, release finger pressure to close the jaws and secure the carabiner.  This completes the loading as shown on the right.

Attaching the Carabiner & Safety Rope to a Safety Harness D-Ring or Anchor Point

  1. With the SureClip loaded simply extend the telescoping pole to the desired length, hook into the appropriate D-ring on the safety harness or anchor point.
  2. Apply firm tension on the safety rope to maintain a secure hold on the anchor point. Then push the telescoping pole forward while holding tension on the safety rope. This will cause the the spring on the SureClip to compress causing the auto locking gate on the carabiner to close.
  3. With the auto locking carabiner securely in place, simply pull the telescoping pole toward you to disengage the SureClip from the carabiner.

Practice Makes Perfect!

We recommend that anyone purchasing the SureClip, set-up mock rescue situations based on the environment that it is to be used. Proper training is required to aid in quick and safe rescues. Correct use of the SureClip will allow you to do the job quickly and safely.